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The Castle

This archaeological site, also known as Alorda Park, was systematically excavated between 1983 and 1992 under the direction of Joan SanmartĂ­ and Joan Santacana. During these excavations, almost 70% of the enclosures located inside the settlements walls were uncovered. From 1992 to date, a number of further digs have been carried out by archaeology company ROCS, SCP that have completed the excavation of nearly the entire settlement.

The Castle of the Holy Cross dates back to the 11th century, although remains of peasant huts and grain silos from as early as the 8th century have been found. The castle was destroyed in the 17th century, but the 11th-century chapel still remains, with its anthropomorphic tombs and the altar of the Holy Cross, as do the 16th-century communion rail, the 18th-century bell tower, the 15th-century prison and the cistern, also from the 15th century, which allows visitors to venture underground and see graffiti of pirate ships.

The castle has an interesting exhibition, explaining its history with images and texts. There are also guided tours for adults, as well as special tours and teaching material for school groups.